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List of top luxury cars in the world

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Best luxury cars in the world:

List of top luxury cars
The main purpose behind designing luxury cars is to provide a true experience of journey. It’s very difficult to rank these luxury cars as the best rated luxury cars provide almost equal features with almost same price range. Due to their smoothness, safety, interior and exterior design, comfortable and performance, luxury car brands are most popular world wide. If we started listing or make a list of luxury cars, the list will be too long. The below list of best rated luxury cars are made considering their popularity, awards and reviews. This is not the top 10 luxury cars list as you started searching for top 10 luxury cars, in every article you will get different results. So, consider this list as just the top or best rated luxury car brands in the world.

Only one model of each luxury car brands are included in the list.

List of best rated luxury car brands in the world:

Rolls Royce Phantom II:

luxury car brands_1Starting from 1925, the Rolls Royce is just a royal brand among the luxury cars. Though its too expensive, this flying lady is most popular for its sophisticated design and powerful engine. The unique feature of this car is the owner of this car can personalize the interior design as per his needs.
To know the different variety of Rolls Royce please Click Here.

Bentley Mulsanne:

luxury car brands_2Bentley is a renowned automobile company originated from British. Models of Bentley are super luxurious with powerful engine and extra-ordinary inner as well as outer decoration. Bentley Mulsanne contain 6752 cc turbo 8 engine.

Maybach 62 S:

luxury car brands_3
Maybach 62S comes with a whole host of features and extremely comfortable interiors. The 612bhp twin-turbo V12 allows sheer waft ability, but on the downside, it glues the expensive liquid quite heavily. And at over Rs.5 cr it is such that very few can afford it.

Mercedes Benz CLS Class 63 AMG:

luxury car brands_4The new Mercedes Benz CLS Class launched newly is the face lifted version. It now has the innovative Blue Efficiency technology in it. The New CLS Class is available in two variants - New Mercedes Benz CLS Class 350 BE and the most powerful and German engineering at its best New Mercedes Benz CLS Class 63 AMG. 

Bmw 7 series:

luxury car brands_5
The BMW 7 Series 730ld is the top most full sized luxury car. The world has seen 5 generations of the 7 Series since it was introduce and the one BMW sells in India is the Long Wheel Base version hence the abbreviation L in its name LD. With all facilities and super comfortable interior, this is just a master piece from BMW.


luxury car brands_6
The Porsche-Panamera Turbo S model consists of a 4.8lt twin turbo engine with a power of 550bhp @6000rpm. Porsche models are always a favorite among the people for its beautiful looks and high class smoothness and interior design. The luxury super fast auto vehicles from Porsche, are developed with resourceful drive concept, and the highly vibrant body is supplemented its light weight. 

Audi A8 L 6.3 W12 Quattro:

luxury car brands_7
The Audi A8 is a 5 seated luxury car marketed and manufactured by German auto-giant Audi. This petrol model of Audi A8 consists of W12 6.3 FSI engine with a power of 493bhp@6200 rpm. With a great and simple style both from interior and outer body, comfortable driving and a great pick-up, the Audi A8 is just a stunning success from Audi.

Jaguar XJ Premium Luxary 3.0L:

luxury car brands_8
Jaguar XJ L Ultimate Premium Luxury 3.0L is powered by a 2993 cc Diesel Engine. The price of Jaguar XJ L Ultimate Premium Luxury 3.0L Diesel model in India is around Rs. 9041908 /-*. Its engine type is 3.0 LITRE V6 DIESEL LWB and with 6 cylinder its produced a max power of 271.2 bhp@4000rpm.

Volvo S 80 :

luxury car brands_9
Volvo launched its luxury car brand named Volvo S80 with a price of Rs 31.2 lakh for its basic kinetic trim model. One another model of Volvo S80 is Summer trim mode l which costs around 35.9 lakh. These models contains many luxury features comparing to other luxury car models. . The 2.0 liter diesel powered engine of Volvo S 80 D3 will drag out 163 hp of power and 400 NM and the motor delivers an splendid 18.5 km-pl of fuel efficiency.


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